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Noel Rockmore Artwork

Artists, Mimes, Clowns, Musicians, and Magicians


The unfinished painting titled Banquet for Magicians, 1986.

We often ate breakfast at the Alpine off Jackson Square with Rock, Sonny, Ianno, and Old George the Mouseman. Rock sketched while we sat at the table, ranting about the art world.

Noel Rockmore, better known as Rock, sketched all of us buskers on Alpine menu holders, torn envelopes, or a pieces of paper ripped from of

a sketching notebook. The sketches and other artwork can be found under the Photo Gallery.

The French Quarter was home to my cast of characters in the book: Noel Rockmore, a funny, talented artist and wild, human mess; Jim Cellini, busker and magician extraordinaire; Sonny Holiday busked as a ball0on clown until Jim taught him magic; Old George the Mouseman pitched the magic trick Mickey the Wondermouse and Svengali decks on the street; Sebastiano Lomanto hailed from Sicily, created a show with balloons, and later on learned magic from Jim. The Londoner Chris de Pyss performed a unique clown act on the street, but Rock didn't have the opportunity to sketch him during the time Chris visited the French Quarter.

The unfinished painting above, commissioned by us in 1986 after our son was born, Rock titled Banquet for Magicians. I mailed selected pictures of renowned magicians that Jim had chosen for Rock to use: Slydini, Cardini, Chung Ling Soo,

Max Malini, Professor Hoffmann, Harry Blackstone, T. Nelson Downs, Robert-Houdin, Dr. Hofzinser, Houdini, and Cellini with the baby. Unfortunately, Rock sold the paining to someone else after I couldn't come up with the final payment. The present owner is unknown.

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