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The Calgary Stampede in Canada


Busking the crowds on Stephens Mall in Calgary.

Driving from Vancouver to Calgary, we passed through Glacier National Park

and witnessed frothing emerald-green waters, the majestic Selkirk Mountains capped in snow, and a grizzly bear

sliding down a scree.

Treeless hills and verdant flat plains greeted us as we cruised to the outskirts of Calgary, hosting one of the largest rodeos in the world. Our time spent with an easy-going family of four in Calgary was a fantastic experience. They took us horseback riding western style, treated us to an afternoon of rodeo delight, and hosted a backyard barbecue where we gazed at brightly-colored hot air balloons floating by in a race sponsored by the Stampede. Sunny weather at midnight threw us off our sleeping schedule, but we drove into town every day to work the outdoor mall, crammed with cowboy-hatter patrons and fans in search of food, fun, and entertainment.

Here is a sample fare of festivals we busked, some of which are still in existence:

3rd Avenue Fair, NYC

9th Avenue Fair, NYC.

San Gennaro Festival, NYC

Baltimore World Theater, Baltimore

Piedmont Arts Festival, Atlanta

Jazz & Heritage Festival, New Orleans

Mardi Gras, New Orleans

Westheimer Art Festival, Houston

Denver World Theater, Denver

Newport Beach Fair, Newport Beach CA

Artquake, Portland

Bumbershoot Festival, Seattle,

Taste of Seattle, Seattle

Folk Music Festival, Vancouver BC

Calgary Stampede, Calgary AB

Streetfest, Edmonton AB

Elephant Fayre, St. Germans Cornwall

Edinburgh Festival, Edinburgh Scotland

Festival of Fools, Amsterdam Netherlands

Avignon Festival, Avignon France

Oktoberfest, Munich Germany

Montreaux Jazz Festival, Montreaux Switzerland

Theater Spektakel, Zurich Switzerland

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